Port Authorities & Marine Administrations

For Port Authorities & Marine Administrations who need to quantify and manage vessel risk, IMRRA provides online vessel risk assessments that provide a statistical risk rating of every hydrocarbon vessel and operator rated directly against the known fleet average.

Unlike other vessel rating information, IMRRA provides an appraisal of the vessel, and the vessel operators when identifying the vessel risk rating.

1)  IMRRA provides an online vetting vessel system appraisal,  with a simplified risk rating number for business intellligence on approaching vessels.

All available PSC and US Coast guard data is ' mirrored on IMRRA'
Data includes safety inspections, terminal feedback, inspection reports, verification audits, etc.
The vessel rating is then weighted against a fleet average using Regression Analysis for its unique vessel risk rating.

2)  IMRRA is the only online rating system to also rate Vessel Operators as part of its rating system.

Example data includes:

Accident/Incident and non-conformity reports
Casualties & Incidents
Chartering feedback
Crew proficiency
Legislation infringements
Quantity of positive screenings
Operator's performance
Unscheduled repairs

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