Oil Companies & Chartering Organizations

Prevent chartering of sub-standard tonnage

For Oil Companies and Chartering Organizations who need quick reference information on the competence of the vessel crew, managers and owners, casualty history and other incidents.

www.marinerating.com is your independent reference rating tool with details of every hydrocarbon vessel and Operator - all rated impartially against the global fleet average.

IMRRA gives Oil Major Company Vetting Departments and Charterers an opportunity to manage their risk and potential future liabilities.

1)  IMRRA is the only independant tool analyzing and evaluating the role of the vessel Operators.  Aggregated data using regression analysis takes an independent and subjective view of vessel Operators & ownership reputation, quality management of ship managers and crew.

    Example criteria include:
  • No. of ships manager operates
  • Accident/Casualty/Incident History
  • Chartering feedback
  • Crew proficiency
  • No legislation infringements in place
  • Performance of technical management team
  • Terminal feedback
  • Trading certificates are in date
  • Unscheduled repairs

2)  IMRRA provides Charterers with an individual risk rating and informed decisions on:

  • Casualty information
  • Detention History
  • Port State Control Data
  • IMRRA 'mirrors' all government and local authority information regarding vessels, combined with exclusive market intelligence and paid for verified sources.
  • A vessel's higher risk rating than the fleet average is a possible indicator an inspection is required.
  • Terminal and chartering feedback from both informal and published resources

3)  IMRRA is a vessel requirement inspection indicator: with each vessel's risk identified, assessed and given a numerical weighting using a unique Regression Analysis tool using IMRRA Methodology.

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  • Assess vessels and their risk ratings

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