Why do companies use marinerating.com?

What we doPeople use IMRRA to

To avoid commercial vessel safety operational threats, reduce the risk of casualties and incidents and company reputational failure.

The IMRRA aggregated database is used for analyzing the potential risks of ships, based on the "big data" algorithm concept, and serves as an effective tool for identifying high-risk vessels that pose a threat to the navigation safety and marine industry

To determine their commercial vessel relationships

Avoid liabilities by using marinerating.com through due-diligence of vessel risk, taking the opportunity to gain financial rewards from the vessel risk levels.

Avoid high-risk ‘Red’ and ‘Amber’ rated vessels

Stage one: reference marinerating.com for your vessel hazard identification when looking at Dry and Liquid bulk vessels with Red/Amber/Green traffic light risk ratings.

Stage two: compare vessel risk to fleet average.

How can I use marinerating.com?

Register now for a free 12-months trial subscription to marinerating.com to view vessel traffic light risk ratings. No financial details required. ‘Red’ requires immediate action, ‘Amber’ a planned approach and ‘Green’ vessels have higher standards.

Purchase new vessel safety risk ratings reports via PayPal for only €190

New vessel risk rating reports are researched by a team of dedicated team of vessel risk analysts, using the latest data available, emailed to you within 8-business hours and includes: vessel traffic light risk warnings, vessel risk rating compared to fleet average, ownership details, casualty and PSC history, and technical Operator's risk rating.

Operator safety risk profiles:

Risk rate not only the vessel, but the Operator and its entire fleet.

Marinerating.com risk ratings explained

Traffic Light Ratings Explained

Red: >50% Risk Rating
Immediate action to control the vessel hazard. High risk for severe incidents/casualties.
Amber: 35-49% Risk Rating
A planned approach to vessel risk management, apply temporary risk management as required.
Green: <34% Risk Rating
Acceptable risk – no further action is recommended due to high standard of vessel operation.
Green risk rated vessels are less likely to harm your company’s reputation.

Request New Vessel Risk Rating Reports

New reports are researched by a team of dedicated team of risk analysts, using the latest data available, and emailed to you within 8-business hours.

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