IMRRA’s Vessel Risk Assessment Methodology

IMRRA identifies key three vessel operational safety risk factors, statistical and dynamic. Each safety risk factor is broken down and given a numerical weighting.

Benchmarking 1. Statistical Risk Factors are vessel criteria that does not significantly vary over time, and are associated with longer-term vessel safety performance. Example data includes:

  • Casualty History & Incidents
  • Classification Society Performance
  • Company Operator Performance
  • Insurance claim history
  • Vessel Particulars

2. Dynamic Risk Factors arise from safety risk events, their frequency and severity. Dynamic risks can include:

  • Crew proficiency
  • Inspection Reports
  • PSC and USCG
  • Safety Inspections & industry databases
  • Self-test audit reports
  • Terminals feedback
  • USA Sanctions Information

3. Verified Risk Factors are the ‘Human Factors’ critical for ship operational safety. A decline, or improvement in vessel management and operation will have an adverse affect on vessel ratings.

  • Verified RA information
  • Vessel Operator Verification audits

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