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When was the last time the Bulk Carrier, Container Ship, and General Cargo had an annual survey (AS), or inspection undertaken? Information on intermediate survey date? Continuous survey machinery, or docking survey?

What is the latest Port State Control information to ensure the vessel's condition is above the required level?
How do you find this information quickly, with minimal fuss and a deadline looming?

IMRRA's vessel risk rating reports collate all this information and deliver a simple Red/Amber/Green risk rating within 8-hours of request.

Vessel Name IMO Number Vessel Type Analysis Date Risk Rating Fleet Type Avg.  
ATLAS STRENGTH 9310288 Bulk carrier 30-JUL-21 Details
NAVIOS LA PAIX 9678329 Bulk carrier 30-JUL-21 Details
IJBORG 9456719 General Cargo 30-JUL-21 Details
ORIENT RISE 9427342 Bulk carrier 30-JUL-21 Details
ORDU 9584047 Bulk carrier 30-JUL-21 Details
VENTURE SPIRIT 9670779 Bulk carrier 30-JUL-21 Details
VOLGO-BALT 136 8851390 General Cargo 30-JUL-21 Details
Requires immediate action to control the potential hazard. Vessel a high-risk probability for severe accidents and casualties.
A planned approach to vessel risk management. Higher vessel risk ratings require increased risk management strategies.
Highest standard of vessel operation. Green risk ratings are more likely to reduce your risk and increase profits.

Download our vessel risk rating report to find out more about how a vessel is analysed and risk profiled by IMRRA.

Discover the new 'Vessel Intelligence' section highlighting your key risk issues. Follow the evidence prior to the vessel's arrest. Review how the vessel's operational history indicated a higher possible risk for Drug trafficking, Illegal immigration, Terrorist Threats, Radioactive contamination and US sanctions.

Sample Red Vessel Risk Rating Report

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