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Do you want to avoid high-risk Dry Cargo vessel Operators? Who are the safest Bulk/Container/General Cargo Managers & Operators to work with? How do you find out the safer Operators safety risk rating?

Individual vessel risk ratings include the KPI performance data on casualty history, sanctions exposure, voyage history, PSC inspections, and fleet detentions.

Technical Manager/Operator Date Of Last Assessment Number Of Vessel Assessments Risk Rating  
Kgj Bulk Fleet Management AS 23-JUL-20 Details
Nescall Ltd 15-JUL-20 Details
Rainbow Logistics 29-JUL-20 Details
Seiho Kaiun Co Ltd 20-JUL-20 Details
Shikishima Kisen Kk 12-JUL-21 Details
Yano Kaiun Co Ltd 10-JUN-21 Details
Sunship Management Co Ltd 29-JUL-20 Details
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