Marfin Management Sam - risk rated by IMRRA

Technical Manager/Operator: Marfin Management Sam
Average Vessel Risk Rating: A high standard of vessel operation, Green Operator risk ratings are more likely to increase your profits.30%
Charterers are you close to signing the charter party agreement on the dotted line? Before you complete, review the Operators track history of managing all of its fleet vessels.
Ensure there are no Operator innocent misrepresentations that will cost your business time and money. View other vessels of the fleet to ensure consistency in vessel risk safety ratings.
Vessel Name IMO Number Vessel Type Analysis Date Risk Rating Fleet Type Avg.  
FIORA TOPIC 9728461 Bulk carrier 06-JUL-22 Details
Vessel is a high probability risk for severe incidents/casualties - take action now!
Vessel requires an immediate action risk control plan to mitigate stakeholders risk.
Vessel higher standard of vessel operation.

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Download a sample vessel risk rating report and review all the information collated for a fictitious Chemical/Products Tanker breaking all of the rules.
Flag changes, Incidents, Port State Control History, exposure to sanctions, potential illicit activity, terminal feedback, and crew feedback, just to get you started!

Sample Red Vessel Risk Rating Report