Dry Cargo Vessels

After months of research, IMRRA is pleased to announce the launch of our new Dry Cargo Vessel Risk Rating Service. This new service coincides with our ever-growing role as a global business in the safety risk rating of commercial vessels.

Our goal is to continue the hard work and success we have had in risk rating 2,000 vessels every month. The Dry Bulk Community can now enjoy the same advantages and opportunities as our Liquid Cargo Colleagues.

IMRRA’s vessel risk rating assessments have been carefully adjusted to reflect the unique safety criteria required for Dry Cargo vessels. Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through our blogs and provide new articles and notifications.

Why purchase IMRRA's vessel safety risk rating report?

  • To avoid commerccial and safety operational threats that cause casualties, incidents and company reputational failure.
  • Take advantage of traffic light vessel risk warnings with Red/Amber/Green vessel fast hazard identification indicators.
  • Compare vessel risk ratings against the fleet average for your commercial advantage.
  • Target Green and Amber vessels for safer and more profitable trading relationships.

To find out more about IMRRA’s predictive analytics visit our blog.