Frequently Asked Questions

IMRRA's Vessel Traffic Light Risk Ratings Explained

  • Red vessel risk ratings: Require immediate action to control your potential hazard. High-risk probability for severe incidents and casualties.
  • Amber vessel risk rating: A planned approach to vessel risk management, alignment of pricing strategy, or application of temporary risk management is required.
  • Green vessel risk ratings: Green vessel risk ratings: High standards of vessel operation, more likely to increase your profits at a lower risk.

Vessel Percentage Risk Ratings Guide

  • Risk rating benchmark percentage valid day vessel assessed
  • Directly compare vessel risk performance rating against the vessel type average
  • Assess, implement and manage your company and vessel safety risk compared to fleet average for vessel type
For more information on the risk ratings Methodology visit

How to order a new report

  • Click on the 'Vessels' tab for Dry Bulk or Liquid Cargo
  • In the Search field type the vessel name or IMO number and click “Search”
  • After the vessel is found click the “Details” button on the right
  • You will now see all the vessel details, including the vessel light traffic light risk ratings
  • If you want to order a new vessel risk rating report, click on ‘Order Updated Report’
  • Now you will view a brief overview of the vessel, and the cost for new reports
  • A prompt will ask you if you want to order a new report. Click the icon you want to order a new report
  • Once your request is completed you will view the following confirmation screen
  • You will be contacted immediately to confirm new vessel risk ratings request, and once payments are received you will have the report within three-hours
  • Alternatively, you can purchase risk rating reports via our agent

Vessel Not Found Request and New Vessel Risk Assessment Report

'No record matched your enquiry', is a vessel that has not been previously risk rated by IMRRA.
You can request a new vessel risk rating report by clicking the ‘Add Vessel’ button and input the vessels onto the form
You will be contacted to confirm the new vessel risk ratings request. Once payment is received you will have the report within three-hours. Alternatively, you can by a report with a credit card from our trusted partner FleetMon


Do you carry out physical vessel inspections?

No – IMRRA's focus is on screening vessels using primarily its own intelligence network sources and public domain information. The only exception to this rule are self test audit inspections reports sent in by vessel Operators that are cross checked and verified by our analysts

Do vessel operators send IMMRA inspection reports?

Yes – To assist IMRRA in the data gathering and risk rating assessment for each vessel. In special circumstances with the Operator's consent, IMRRA can nominate an inspector for a physical vessel inspection

How can Charterers/Managers/Operators provide you with vessel self-assessment vessel details?


How much does it cost to have a trial subscription?

Free 14-day trials available, with no financial details taken.

I want to register for my free trial?

Register at

How much does an annual subscription to cost?

A 12-month subscription giving you access to over 10,000 previous risk assessments costs €120.

How much does a new vessel risk rating report cost?

€150 per new report.

I forgot my password:

Email or go to

Can I talk to someone IMRRA regarding a product demonstration

Yes – contact Wayne Hurley, Head of Business Development, +44 (0)7824 367535M, or email for a consultation.