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Vessels - User instructions Login

  • In the corresponding fields fill in your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD using your personal access details
  • Please make sure you keep your login details in a convenient place; you will need them each time you enter the site

How to search for the ship in the database

  • Click on the 'Vessels' tab for Dry Bulk or Liquid Cargo
  • In the Search field type the vessel name or IMO number and click “Search”
  • After the vessel is found click the “Details” button on the right
  • You will now see all the vessel details, including the vessel light traffic light risk ratings

Ordering Updated Reports

  • If you want to order a new vessel risk rating report, click on ‘Order Updated Report’
  • Now you will view a brief overview of the vessel, and the cost for new reports
  • A prompt will ask you if you want to order a new report. Click the icon you want to order a new report
  • Once your request has been received you will view the following confirmation screen
  • If you have credits you will receive your report within four-hours, or within 24 hours of cleared funds

IMRRA's Vessel Traffic Light Risk Ratings Explained

  • Red vessel risk ratings: Require immediate action to control your potential hazard. High-risk probability for severe incidents and casualties.
  • Amber vessel risk rating: A planned approach to vessel risk management, alignment of pricing strategy, or application of temporary risk management is required.
  • Green vessel risk ratings: Green vessel risk ratings: High standards of vessel operation, more likely to increase your profits at a lower risk.

Vessel Percentage Risk Ratings Guide

  • Risk rating benchmark percentage valid day vessel assessed
  • Directly compare vessel risk performance rating against the vessel type average
  • Assess, implement and manage your company and vessel safety risk compared to fleet average for vessel type

How to order a new report

  • Enter vessel name, IMO number, and your contact numbers, to complete your request
  • You will be contacted to confirm your new vessel risk ratings request, and once payments are received you will have the latest report within three-hours
  • Alternatively, you can purchase risk rating reports via our trusted partner

Vessel Not Found Request after a New Vessel Risk Assessment Report

Should the ‘Search’ button give you the following statement:
This means there have been no previous vessel risk assessments requested for your vessel.
You can request a new risk rating report by clicking the ‘Add Vessel’ button, and input the vessels onto the form
  • On the “New vessel Risk Rating page” type the Vessel name and IMO Number in the request form
  • Send the form by clicking on the “Send Request” button
  • You will be contacted to confirm new vessel risk ratings request, and once payments are received you will have the report within three-hours