Vessel Operators & Insurance Agencies

Vessel operators

Review your ship and fleet rating risk-rating score directly against your competitors.

See your operational and reputational risk as viewed directly by your potential customers, using criteria based on Oil Majors vetting assessments.

Use IMRRA as a business information tool to evaluate your internal safety control mechanisms as seen by the market.

Unlike other vessel risk rating systems, IMRRA allows Vessel Operators to interact and directly request assessments and/or verification of their individual scores.

Example Assessment Data includes:

  • Collisions, Groundings & Pollution Incidents
  • Number of Technical Management Changes
  • Non-reported incidents below financial thresholds
  • Operator's Self Inspections Reports
  • Unscheduled Vessel Repairs
  • Social Networks Data
  • Terminal & Chartering Feedback

Insurance Companies

Check the rating for an individual vessel or Ship Manager/Operator, using the IMRRA risk-rating tool.

IMRRA provides information on the risk profile of both the vessel and the Operator, rating both criteria against the known fleet average to evaluate their risk to your company.

Our vetting criteria are based on equivalent Oil Major vetting assessments, and there is an opportunity for you to request additional screening for the most up to date information.

Our assessments use the following sample data:

  • Chartering feedback
  • Crew proficiency
  • No legislation infringements in place
  • Performance of technical management team
  • Terminal feedback
  • Trading certificates are in date
  • Unscheduled repairs

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