Deymann Tankrode Logistics Gmbh - risk rated by IMRRA

Technical Manager/Operator: Deymann Tankrode Logistics Gmbh
Average Risk Rating: A high standard of vessel operation, Green Operator risk ratings are more likely to increase your profits.24%
Vessel Name IMO Number Vessel Type Analysis Date Risk Rating Fleet Type Avg.  
Bernd Deymann 04807160 Chemical Barge 23-OCT-20 Details
Margret Deymann 02327182 Chemical Barge 23-OCT-20 Details
Maria Deymann 04808700 Oil Barge 19-OCT-20 Details
Marten Deymann 02331853 Chemical Barge 16-OCT-20 Details
Tanja Deymann Ii 02333404 Chemical Barge 11-JUN-20 Details

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