Plouvier Transport N.v - risk rated by IMRRA

Technical Manager/Operator: Plouvier Transport N.v
Average Vessel Risk Rating: A high standard of vessel operation, Green Operator risk ratings are more likely to increase your profits.24%
Closing the vessel deal?  You need one last Manager/Operator reputational safety check.
  • View the entire fleet operated by the Technical Manager/Operator
  • allows you to verify the Owners credibility and quality
  • Can you view if the technical manager has proven vessel fleet technical efficiencies?
  • Does the Operator have a good reputation for vessel management across its entire fleet?
Vessel Name IMO Number Vessel Type Analysis Date Risk Rating Fleet Type Avg.  
RPG BRISTOL 02337327 Chemical Barge 30-SEP-21 Details
STARLIGHT 07001732 Oil Barge 03-SEP-21 Details
RP WIEN 07001729 Oil Barge 02-SEP-21 Details
RP HELSINKI 02337674 Chemical Barge 16-JUL-21 Details
RP GENT 02332952 Chemical Barge 14-JUN-21 Details
CYNTHIA 07001733 Oil Barge 24-MAY-21 Details
RP BRUGGE 02333621 Chemical Barge 20-MAY-21 Details

What does a high risk red rated vessel look like?

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