CARRAS HELLAS SA - risk rated by IMRRA

Technical Manager/Operator: CARRAS HELLAS SA
Average Vessel Risk Rating: A high standard of vessel operation, Green Operator risk ratings are more likely to increase your profits.31%
One last Manager/Operator reputational safety check.
  • Review all fleet operated vessels
  • Does the Operator have a good reputation for vessel management across its entire fleet?
  • Are fleet efficiencies working?

Technical Manager/Operator Traffic Light Risk Ratings Explained:
Stop! Fleet high risk for severe incidents/casualties.
Immediate action risk control plan required to mitigate potential risk.
Good to go! A higher standard of vessel operation.
Vessel Name IMO Number Vessel Type Analysis Date Risk Rating Fleet Type Avg.  
AQUAPISCES 9757022 Bulk carrier 30-NOV-23 Details
AQUALIBRA 9765603 Bulk carrier 30-NOV-23 Details
AQUAGEMINI 9757010 Bulk carrier 30-NOV-23 Details
ADRIANA ROSE 9727467 Bulk carrier 24-NOV-23 Details
AQUALEO 9765598 Bulk carrier 24-APR-23 Details
JOHN M CARRAS 9592707 Bulk carrier 21-APR-23 Details
AQUATAURUS 9757034 Bulk carrier 13-DEC-22 Details
ARIETTA LILY 9727479 Bulk carrier 13-DEC-22 Details
ATHINA CARRAS 9592719 Bulk carrier 08-DEC-22 Details

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