Marine RISK Rating Help

WELCOME TO MARITIME RISK RATING AGENCY (IMRRA) - the source of reliable and transparent risk ratings information you need to support your business decisions related to the marine shipping industry.


User instructions

  • In the corresponding fields fill in your USER NAME and PASSWORD using your personal access details.
  • Please make sure you keep your login details in a convenient place; you will need them each time you enter the site.

How to search for the operator in the database

  • Click on the “Operators” tab
  • In the “Search” field type the operator name, vessel name or IMO number and click “Search”
  • After the operator is found you will see risk rating of the Operator based on risk ratings of the vessels managed by the following operator.

    Use the “Vessels” button on the right to see the list of vessels managed by mentioned Operator
  • By choosing “Details” button IMRRA will transfer you to vessel details
    See help vessels chapter

How to request to add the vessel risk rating status if you did not find your vessel in the operator's fleet list

If you have found the operator but did not see your vessel in fleet list, this means IMRRA never rated your vessel and you need to use the “Add Ship” button in vessels chapter.
  • Click on the “Vessels” tab
  • You can do the request using form by clicking the “Add Ship” button.
  • On the “New Cessel Risk Rating page” type the Vessel name and IMO Number: the Request form and send the form by clicking on the “Send Request” button.
  • The screening results will be sent to your email address indicated in your Requester Details within 3 hours
    and vessel will be automatically added into Marine Risk Rating database
  • If you want to have this request copied to your colleagues, please insert their addresses in the CC field, separated by comma.
    The reply will be sent your colleagues in CC as well.
  • If you wish to attach a file related to the vessel, click on the “Attach file” button and choose the file from your files menu.